Bases are the main camps that serve as the head of operations for the community that holds them. Each base is a building or a location that has been freed of zombies and is fortified to provide protection from idly wandering zombies. Not all bases are created equal and ones that provide better bonuses require more to keep running and secure. All bases exist on lots with both indoor and outdoor plots on which a community can build and upgrade their home. When scouting for a new home, pay attention to the plots, their sizes, its location and how many survivors it can hold. Bases provide the best bonuses and allow communities to establish other outposts to help along the way. 

Plots are areas either indoor or outdoor in a base which can be adjusted to fit the community’s needs. For instance, if your community has three people but only two beds, the whole will suffer a slight penalty for someone not being able to have their own space but you can turn an indoor plot into a bedroom with bunk beds to fix that problem immediately. Plot spaces are limited based on location so a community has to be careful what to do with them in order to try and make the most out of what they have. Sizes also matter so a small plot cannot fit a large improvement. All improvements start out small but can be upgraded in size if the plot size permits or with modifications that can provide added bonuses. Each bonus will depend on improvements, size and mods which can be found on the improvement table. All improvements and mods cost points to install and those can be found on the table as well, though some can be made cheaper with skills from survivors. 

Bases can be moved as mentioned above and once they have been moved, the previous base returns to its unimproved state. The new base receives half of the materials from whatever was improved, rounded up. 

Once an area is cleared of Zombies and claimed (purchased with Activity Points), it becomes a Base. Every Base starts at Level 1 and can be upgraded twice if the Community meets the proper requirements. Each Base Level upgrade allows for the Community to exert more control over it's surrounding area, increasing the number of Outposts it can maintain. 

Base Level 1 - Allows for 1 Outpost

Base Level 2 - Allows for 3 Outposts. Requires the Community to have 4 members

Base Level 3 - Allows for 5 Outposts. Require the Community to have 6 members

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