Surviving is going to be difficult solo so it might be a good idea for survivors to team up in order to achieve greater goals. Once a survivor befriends at least one other person, they can pool their resources together to establish a base of operations. After a base is cleared and claimed, that place becomes a secure and safe location which is less likely to draw in unwanted zombie attention. That base also becomes a place where they can store items and materials as well as an area they can improve in order to upgrade their own bonuses and skills (more information can be found in the base section). The leader of the community is able to lend out their skills, giving each member of their community a +1 in any skill the leader is trained in whether the other survivor has that skill or not.

Communities can take over territories and provide bonuses based on how many people belong. Larger communities are able to hold multiple buildings and structures of greater size and importance but each community can only hold one neighborhood at most and they can not keep locations secured that are too far from the main camp (ie, out of the neighborhood). Bases can be moved after new locations are cleared (zombies defeated) and the area fortified (purchased with activity points). Each location has a survivor minimum and maximum to hold it as well as limited spaces for improvement. If the minimum isn’t met or the maximum exceeded, various repercussions can befall the community such as a global -1 to all rolls from lack of sleep or a sudden zombie horde at their door. 

Alliances between communities grants access to trading. For example: If one community has access to a large area to farm and another has access to water, they may choose to work together so that both communities are well-fed and stocked. Allies may also assist each other in the event of a horde or attacks by any of the special zombies and get their own share of the loot as well. It’s good to make friends when basically everything else wants to rip your limbs off. 

Hostile communities. Not all people are going to get along and they can wage war with each other as well as the undead. It’s risky as every confrontation has a chance of drawing more zombie attention to the area but some just want to watch the world burn. Player communities can choose to adopt such a stance but there will also be admin controlled entities out there to add to the human threat among the town of Foxhill Downs.

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