Between tall mountains in a gently rolling countryside exists a decent-sized town known as Foxhill Downs that is situated over the crossing of two rivers; Fox River and Red River. Once home to a few hundred thousand people, much of the metropolitan area lays deserted like a wasteland and the rich farmland surrounding the suburbs has become overgrown and is slowly encroaching on the remains of civilization there. In Foxhill Downs there are six districts which generally divide up the territory that have various specialties and unique areas which provide a number of bonuses for those that can keep and hold them. More information can be found in the Districts section detailed below.


The Outskirts - The area just outside of actual city of Foxhill Downs

North Bend Mills - The northern most section of Foxhill Downs

Fort Minear - The northeast section of Foxhill Downs

East River - The southeast section of Foxhill Downs

Red River Run - The southern most section of Foxhill Downs

Smootsville - The southwestern section of Foxhill Downs

Lakeside - The northwestern section of Foxhill Downs

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