Each survivor starts out with three main skills unlocked;Wits, Fighting, and Shooting. Other skills may be attained by unlocking them at the creation of the survivor by spending 1 of the starting Skill points to open it up, rewards from encounters, and special missions that can be purchased with activity points. More skill points can be attained in a similar manner and used to upgrade those skills. Each skill maxes out at 10 points and from there, a survivor can specialize that skill which will grant even more bonuses to themselves and their allies. Survivors can have a maximum of 5 different skills at once and in order to replace one, they have to buy the new skill for 10 Activity points and it starts at 0. A survivor may even choose to double up on a skill, taking another of the Wits, Fighting, or Shooting skills in their open spots if they choose to. Further details can be found in the skills section below.

Each survivor also starts with some basic equipment which includes a melee weapon, a ranged weapon, and a backpack as well as 10 Skill points with which they can spend to upgrade their Skills if they choose to before even setting foot in Foxhill Downs. Or they can keep their basic equipment and save up for something better down the road. It’s all up to them how they choose to spend their points.

Each survivor also starts with base health stats at 100. Health is how much damage or pain a character can endure before passing out and accruing a penalty. Characters may be Injured if an enemy critically hits them or they receive more than 10 damage in one hit. Injuries stop a character from healing to full health until the injury is cured (More information on Injuries may be found in the Statuses section.) A character’s health does not recover over time on its own without the aid of Medicines or Base Improvements. 

After allocating points, skills, and starting gear the survivor will wander into town to start their journey among the living and the undead. Everything a survivor does as part of their story increases their experience so that they get that much better at what it is they do. 


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